February 7


07:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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Your name holds unique energies, which when decoded, will reveal your higher purpose.

Meet Almerinda Amaral

Almerinda is a HeartCentred Teacher. She launched HeartQuest in May 2018, after retiring from a rewarding corporate career in human rights and investigations. She is a trained Mediator, Mindfulness, BreathWork, Theta, Divine Healing and Soul Contract* Practitioner, and recently started training in Human Design. She uses these modalities in different ways to help her clients heal and learn the art of joyful living from the heart – a journey to grace, faith and self-love.

She believes there are two aspects in our life: The PHYSICAL, which is arriving on Earth, getting grounded and connecting to the world; and the SPIRITUAL, or inner world, which activates in our mid-life crises.

When your soul is living in the heart, it is flowing. She feels this is our soul’s greatest joy. When we discover and align with this, we can live a life of blissful flow rather than struggle.

She is grateful to be a part of your HeartQuest journey.

*A full Soul Contract Reading will reveal unresolved issues for you to overcome in your outer and inner worlds (karma). It will also reveal your abilities and strengths (talents); your dreams and what you live for (goals), and your ultimate life purpose: the meaning of your life. Why you are here.

What to expect in this interactive workshop?

Your name holds unique energies, which when decoded, will reveal your higher purpose. Soul Contract works by decoding the sound vibration of your name.

Almerinda will provide a mini Soul Contract Reading to 3 workshop participants. She will look at ONE aspect of your unique Birth Chart using the full birth name and provide a taste of the absolute truth of your life or the hidden meaning of the life you have been searching for.

This interactive workshop will take you on your unique journey into YOUR HEART in order to have the most conscious life experience to return back to love.