April 24


12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

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Bella B. Onay

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In this wellness webinar Manjari Chaturvedi will guide us through practicing Pranayama (focused breathing) and Self-care (Do-in) massage. 

About the session:

This session will be helpful for anyone who is willing to find relaxation through Pranayama (focused breathing) and treating your own body through self-care massage. No experience is required.

Pranayama is the regulation and control of Prana (i.e. breath), the vital life force. Practicing Pranayama regularly will help with increasing lung capacity and opening airways. Nervous system will also get relaxed which will automatically relax your body enhancing the mind-body connection.

Self Care (Do-in) Massage: This Asian massage technique stimulates all major meridians of the body, energizes the it, and relaxes the nervous system. 

What you need:

A quiet place where you can sit comfortably on the floor, a supportive blanket or a cushion to make seating comfortable, body moisturizer/body oil and facial tissue. 

Manjari Chaturvedi is a certified Yoga Teacher who has been learning and practicing therapeutic yoga for the past couple of years. As part of this journey, she has gained deeper knowledge of Pranayama and Self-care (Do-in) Massage. Manjari teaches yoga classes at Sun Yoga – Oakville, Women’s Fitness Club – Burlington and LA Fitness – Burlington.

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