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website development

Professionally Custom Website Development will solidify the value of your brand, build trust, communicate your message, and help to convert buyers. 

You have 5 seconds to make a first impression. Make sure it’s a good one! 

You need a fast loading website that engages their undivided attention, showing them what great value you have to offer, and capturing and converting those leads into buyers! 

All our sites are built including Responsive Web Design that adapts to whatever medium or device your audience is using, be it IOS, Android, mobile, tablet, or desktop browser, you are covered.


social media management

Social Media Marketing Platforms have been designed for the sole purpose of building & engaging an audience to directly, personally, and effectively advertise to.

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube… every social medium was made for you, the savvy entrepreneur. Built to help you find your ideal audience and turn them into active leads.

In short, Social Media Platforms are the greatest Marketing tool in history. Do you know how to use them to your advantage? We do.


branding package

Visitors make fundamental and lasting decisions about the credibility and authority of you based on your web presence, including social media and website. First impressions are critical – what do you do, how you do it, your brand personality, and what are the ways you bring value for your clients.

To achieve good consistent branding, every marketing piece, including social media, website, signage, communication templates, presentations, and so on, should be compatible and aligned. With brand consistency, potential clients should feel that your brand is highly trustworthy, recognizable, and culturally relevant.


search engine optimization (SEO)

Ensure your audience can find you and bring in new leads 24/7 while you sleep.

We offer On-Site SEO, which is technical code and content optimization, where we optimize the foreground content and the background code of your website.

We make sure your site can convey a deeper meaning to Google about what your brand is all about through coding. The search engines reward you for that with higher search rankings!

And we also provide Off-site SEO, which involves PR outreach to authority sites, linkbuilding, and content development that’s designed to boost the authority & search rankings of your website.


website hosting, maintenance, security and reporting

GRIT Online is now providing fast, reliable managed web hosting to small businesses in Toronto and worldwide. 

A professional web hosting service ensures a hassle-free experience for business owners, so you can stay focused on what you do best.

We keep your software up to date, take daily backup and do security monitoring ongoing basis. 


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