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Coach Sujata kale Banerjea

Sujata Nutrition

Hi there, I 'm Sujata.

I am a Certified Nutrition Practitioner and Metabolic Balance Coach who has been practicing nutrition for over 13 years.

I offer various consultations, which include current diet assessments based on symptomatology, nutrient profiles, and proposed clean meal recommendations. All my reports include client information packages and handouts. I can also offer 5 to 7-day meal plans with recipes addressing specific health conditions or diet preferences. The focus of these plans is always whole foods and wholesome ingredients.

I have been awarded the title of best nutritionist and top coach for the Oakville Beaver Peoples Choice Awards, Canada, since 2017, and I have maintained the status every year.

As a metabolic balance coach, I focus on one's blood chemistry, which includes a blood test that involves looking at 35 different blood markers. This helps with understanding nutrient deficiencies and excesses, inflammation in the body, pH status, and more. Based on blood work, past and current health history, eating behavior, and personal likes and dislikes, an individualized meal plan is created that helps balance one's body, resulting in optimum nutrition. Once the nutrients are addressed, the metabolism is balanced, resulting in a healthy body.
Metabolic Balance is a preventative approach, and it can also address some of the metabolic syndromes such as hypertension, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, PCOS, cholesterol, depression, and conditions related to autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. It has helped several of my clients with weight loss, reducing or eliminating medications, better energy, better digestion, reduced allergies, and more.
Information on the four phases of metabolic balance: 

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