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Up to 95% of hypothyroid conditions are caused by Hashimoto’s, but traditional diagnostic tests often miss it. And that was my story for many years…

In early 2018, I found a way to make my condition manageable and achieved remission months later. My journey from symptoms to diagnosis and, finally, to healing taught me how to find the right answers and use effective solutions to take back my physical and emotional health. I am a qualified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) Practitioner & Certified Health and Life Coach with the qualifications to conduct Functional Lab Tests that help other women avoid the endless worry and frustration of trying to find answers alone.

You don’t need to do this alone!

Together we will identify the root cause of why your body has turned on itself, and create a personalized plan to manage your symptoms. My step-by-step program works across multiple levels and I use a safe, judgement-free approach that helps my clients achieve long-lasting physical and emotional health from the inside out.

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