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Dr. Theresa Valley

My name is Dr. Theresa Valley, and I am a self-employed Chiropractor, who works from a small home office, serving those of all ages and stages in life.  Chiropractors are often known for helping with back pain, however Chiropractors also aim to improve function in our daily lives.  I have patients who are looking for help with problems including back pain, neck pain, and headaches, sports injuries, shoulder, hip and knee dysfunction, pregnant moms looking for an easier birthing process, and kids who find regular adjustments help keep them "regular".  Aside from my in-office practice, I also recently started an in-person hip and knee arthritis exercise group aimed at improving safe and confident movement through all of our daily physical challenges.  Knowing that I have improved someone's life, on a daily basis, in a small or sometimes big way, is my big WHY, and is what keeps me motivated to continue learning, and my definition of success, all in one.

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