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Cheryl Lansiquot | Homeandkeys, Brokerage

We help downsize Oakville families.

You hold onto homes that have outgrown you for sentimental reasons. Letting go is very hard as there are lots of cherished memories in the echoes of your home.


It would help if you had a helping hand—a tender touch. It would help if you were listened to. It would help if you were told how the whole process of downsizing could be done quickly and effortlessly.


This is what we do. We help families work through one of the most significant decisions. We make the process from an empty house to a worry-free home a reality. 


To downsize to a smaller space, to a lifestyle of less responsibility.


To an upgraded lifestyle of fun and ease.


I’m Cheryl, a 5-time downsizer across countries.


If you haven’t read THE GUIDE, I highly suggest you do! You can get THE GUIDE here. 



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