Why Swiss Meringue?

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Swiss Meringue cookies, delicious and beautiful. A perfect addiction to your dessert table

Whether you are planning a birthday, a corporate event or a holiday party, your menu needs a dessert. There are a variety of plated desserts and specialty cakes that can be that special final touch. Choosing the right one is a fun and exciting process. Every little detail will add a spark to your table and a smile to your guest’s faces, from the ingredients to the presentation.

What is Swiss Meringue?

If you are looking for wow-factor desserts, it’s time for you to try Swiss Meringue. This creamy frosting has been earning the spotlight on the fancy desserts list, and for a good reason: versatility. When used on its own, Swiss Meringue is light and marshmallowy, which is an excellent option for light desserts. Swiss Meringue is also used as frosting for specialty cakes or baked by itself to make crisp meringues. So, no matter what type of plated desserts you are looking for, Swiss Meringue is always a good option.

When baking desserts, choosing the right frosting is essential. Swiss Meringue is prepared by gently beating egg whites and sugar in a pan above boiling water. Wait for the heat to dissolve sugar, pull it off from the fire, and energetically beat it. It is smoother and denser than French meringue, which makes it an excellent base for buttercream frosting. It is also easier to prepare than Italian meringue and not as sweet.

This versatile frosting can also be prepared a day in advance and stored in the refrigerator, making it very convenient for a busy cooking schedule like holidays or big dinners.

Ready to try? This Swiss Meringue Buttercream recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction is a great place to start!

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