The Art of Decluttering And 13 Reasons Why You Can’t Let Go

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Woman decluttering and organizing her cupboard

Clutter is anything in the way of you, your purpose, your destiny, love, etc. Clutter can be physical, emotional, or digital. If you don’t use it or love it, it is classified as clutter. Clearing the clutter is about transformation and letting go of items that act as blockages or low energy to your home, your life, and who you wish to be. Since the objects in your home hold such great energy, it is important that you only live with items that propel you toward your desired destiny and bring you a high vibration.

The issue comes down to this: we identify with our stuff and the thought of letting go of items produces great grievance and fear. We tend to hold onto clutter as a psychological buffer to protect ourselves from pain. However, we must ask ourselves if our items hold the truth about who we are now and who we wish to become.

Decluttering and organizing is not just about having a neater home, it is about creating clarity and allowing the objects in your home to uplift and enhance your energy, which will have a positive effect on your overall life.

Here are 13 reasons why you can’t let go of clutter

1. Security

Using clutter as a cushion against pain and emotional security, which can clog other areas of your life.

2. Fear of future

Feeling that you may need an item in the future even though you never use it now is creating a negative affirmation. You are affirming lack in the future that you’ve been fine all this time, but you may not be enough or have enough one day.

3. Habit / Family pattern

We hold onto items because we want to feel congruent with our identity. We must ask ourselves if this identity truly serves us or if it depletes us.

4. Evidence junk

Keeping items like certificates and rewards as a sense of self-esteem. We hold onto items as proof we did a good job at something or had a certain talent. We keep this evidence because if ever in our future we feel we’re not enough we can go back and remind ourselves that we were – do you go back and look at these things?

5. Dreams 

Holding onto items that represent unfulfilled dreams. Feeling like you needed or wanted to fulfill a dream, so you hold onto items that resemble the dreams; ice skates, workout equipment, etc.

6. Responsible

Keeping something because it was in the family and it has been given to you. Remember that if someone gives you an item that has been passed down your family line, you do not need to keep it. If it doesn’t give you joy, it is not your responsibility – you can let it go.

7. Sentimental reasons

Keeping items because of emotions or memories. You don’t have to keep the stuff, you can keep the memories by taking pictures of items and making memory books. Decluttering sentimental items will release blocked energy.

8. Fear you will not be liked or respected

Holding onto items because you feel people will like you more is strictly fear-based. Is it more important to have clogged energy than self-respect? Choose an environment that will serve and support you.

9. It may be worth something

Yes, some things will be worth something but is it worth the storage, time, and energy in the event it may be worth something? It’s only bad to keep these types of items if it’s clogging your energy.

10. They don’t make them like this anymore

It is true, some things are not made the way they used to be! However, do you love and use the items or are you only keeping them because ‘they don’t make them like this anymore?

11. It’s perfectly good

Is it worth keeping something that is perfectly good that is lowering your energy? If not, let it go.

12. I paid a lot for it

Paying a lot for items is hard to let go of, especially if you come from an upbringing where you had very little. Is it worth taking up real estate in your closet because you paid a lot for an item that you don’t wear?

13. Nobody will take care of it like me

Is it worth keeping the item because you think you will take care of it best? If you are not using this item, what is the advantage of holding onto it?

It is important not to judge yourself, if you cannot get rid of your belongings, the purpose of decluttering is to clear the clutter, not create stress. Don’t forget that if these items are not blocking your well-being and you don’t want to let them go, you do NOT have to! However, as you learn how to master the art of decluttering, you will be able to keep the memory and energy of your items without the physical presence.

Decluttering is important because if we settle to just live in clutter, we are putting a dent in the longevity of our energy and health over time. Learn to let old patterns go and break up old blockages and barriers. Find the feeling for your desired future and from this place, you will be able to find joy in decluttering and the many benefits it brings to you and your life.

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