Macaron Addiction: A fancy dessert that travels through centuries

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Macarons on a fancy platter

Raise your hand if you’ve tasted – and loved – macarons?

You are not alone! These tasty desserts are sure to impress your guests with their taste, versatility and look!

What are macarons?

Macarons are baked meringue desserts. Made with meringue, almond flour and buttercream filling. They are baked in the shape of sweet little sandwiches.

They can be prepared following the French or the Italian method. The difference is in the meringue. When baking French macarons, the French way, egg whites are whisked until stiff peaked meringue forms. The Italian method involves whisking the egg whites with hot sugar syrup.

Where do they come from?

Macarons gained popularity in France. Today they are one of the must-have desserts to have in France, with extremely popular confectioners such as La Maison Pierre Hermé.

Despite their French popularity, Macarons were actually born in Italy. According to Culturally Ours, they were being made in Venetian monasteries since the 8th Century.

Macarons only arrived in France in 1533, when Catherini di Meddici, who married the future king of France – Henri II – brought them to France.

They became popular in 1792, during the French Revolution, when Carmelite nuns seeking asylum started baking and selling macarons to support themselves.

Did you know Macarons had such an interesting back story?

Why the macaron addiction?

Nowadays, macarons are one of our favourite addictions! They are considered a desirable and attractive treat for gifts, dinner parties, and all types of events.

Macarons are colourful, thoughtful and make the perfect addition to any dessert table. They can also have multiple flavours. In North America, some of the most popular flavours include pistachio, salted caramel, peanut butter, peach champagne and mint. With such a variety of colours and flavours, the options to design your dessert table are limitless!

Macarons are also a great start point for baking enthusiasts who want to learn how to make simple, desirable, and impressive desserts. This simple recipe from Sally’s baking addiction is perfect for advancing your culinary skills into baking meringue desserts.

Ready to get baking?

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