How Minimalist Baking is helping people relight their passion for baking

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Minimalist Baking desserts with simple ingredients and phenomenal tastes

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about baking? If you answered messy kitchens, long hours, and stress, then you might not have heard of minimalist baking yet. Minimalist Baking is the application of minimalist cooking to baking delicious desserts, without all the stress that comes from it.

In this article, we will introduce some of the main concepts of Minimalist Baking, and how this new culinary trend is helping people relight their passion for baking.

Keep it Simple

Did you ever open a recipe book just to feel overwhelmed by all the different ingredients and requirements? Sometimes the ingredient list is enough to make you change your mind! Minimalist Baking believes that simple is best. Minimalist Baking desserts usually have ten or fewer ingredients that you can find in your kitchen. No scavenger hunt needed!

These simple ingredients bring a sense of “awe” to table, because they reflect ingredients, we all know and love. And the best is there are a large variety of specialty cakes, sweets, and chocolate wonders you can make without complicating things!

Alice Medrich, author of Pure Desserts is a great example of how simplifying ingredients can lead to sophisticated and tasty outcomes. Her book is full of simple recipes using the fewest ingredients in surprising and interesting ways.

Start Small

If you are new to baking, or haven’t adventured into the baking realm for a while, baking a huge and complicated dessert table might be overwhelming! Start small.  Look for recipes that contain some of your favourite ingredients, and new and fun ways to use them to fulfill your everyday sweet tooth.

These no-bake sugar cookies and vegan oatmeal cookies from Minimalist  Baker are a great place to start!

Have fun

Baking is a skill that builds with time and practice. So don’t give up! Have fun! Once you get started you will feel the passion and fulfillment that comes from preparing delicious and flavor-full desserts that give the final touch to your family meals!

Ready to give it a try? Share with us what your minimalist baking recipes look like.

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