Easy Sandwiches for High-tea

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Easy Sandwiches for High-Tea

incLooking for a sophisticated platted table that amazes your guests? High-tea is what you’ve been looking for.

What is High-Tea?

High-tea has been a British tradition for centuries. These sophisticated meals are usually served between 5pm and 7pm. Plated items include cold meats, vegetables, pickled fish, potatoes, salad, pies, homemade bread, crackers, and sandwiches. To this day, high-tea remains a classy and appreciated way to gather your guests.

What are the most common High-Tea sandwiches?

High-tea sandwiches offer many opportunities for creativity and the opportunity for building a table that combines savoury snacks with tasty desserts

According to The Spruce Eats, some of the most popular high-tea sandwiches flavours are cucumber, smoked salmon, egg salad, and watercress. But you can add as much flavour and options as you want. Roast beef, sliced ham, tuna salad, and even celery and cheese. 

One of the significant advantages of high-tea sandwiches is how easily adaptable they are to your audience. Your high-tea sandwich recipes can accommodate meat-lovers, vegetarians, and even gluten-free options.

How to keep sandwiches tastier for longer

When you decide on which high-tea sandwiches you want, Preppy Kitchen has some great advice on how to make them tastier for longer:

    • If you keep bread covered, sandwiches will keep for a few hours, as the cover prevents the bread from drying out.
    • You can butter the insides of the sandwiches to prevent the filling’s moisture from making the bread soggy.
    • Egg or chicken fillings can be prepared in advance. All you need to do is cover, refrigerate and assemble before serving.
    • Pumpernickel bread is highly recommended for salmon sandwiches.

Once you selected all the flavours for your sandwiches, you can complement your high-tea table with plated desserts, specialty cakes and other guest favourites. Voilá, your sophisticated, no-stress meal is ready to be enjoyed by your guests.

If you are looking for fully catered high-tea sandwiches, check out Passion Bake including our selection of high-quality, mouth-watering desserts, specialty cakes or continental catering.


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