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Who is Susan Ritt, could you please introduce yourself?

Hi! This is Susan Ritt, the owner of Ms Fit for Life. I own a women’s personal training studio teaching women the proper form and technique for strength training in order to preserve their muscle mass. Let’s age beautifully!

What is your business and when did you start? What inspired you to start your business?

I initially started strength training in my twenties to help with weight loss, physical attractiveness, looking great in clothes and without clothes. These are no longer my reasons. I began my business to train other women how to stay stronger for longer, preserving  muscle mass, bone density and to avoid age related conditions!

What were the challenges in the initial stages of your business and how did you overcome them?

Confidence and fear were a big challenge. I was always questioning myself about really being able to pull  it off. I was never ‘the boss’ before.

What motivates you about your business?

I love training women and watching their confidence build along with their bodies. Many no longer have to take medications. It’s great looking back on where they began and where they are today. I also enjoy the rapport we build together and learning from them. Their results are my success!

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

You need an efficient bookkeeper and/or accountant, social media marketing!

Interesting fact most of the people do not know about you?

I have 3 dogs who lower my blood pressure and provide  peace of mind. It’s important to ‘turn off’ from business.

The best business advice I ever received was…

be yourself, I know it’s cliche but it works!

My definition of success is…

waking up happy to begin my day doing what I love!

If I could go back in time when I started my business, I would tell myself to…


My personal tagline is…

Stronger for Longer.

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