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Who is Cheryl Lansiquot, could you please introduce yourself?

I was born in St. Lucia and migrated to Canada in 2008.  The memories of that day are still fresh in my mind. We arrived in Canada at 10 pm. The taxi dropped us off at the 2-bedroom condo that would become our home for two weeks.  Our family stood outside the condo with 6 duffel bags waiting for the keys to enter the condo.  It was both frightening and exciting.

We left our dream home on the island of St Lucia and brought only the bare necessities. This was a new beginning. We’d decided to move to Canada so our children could pursue their education.  Our 16-year-old was ready for university and there was no university in St. Lucia. It was a time filled with questions. Were we making the right decision?  They loved their home, school, and friends on the island.  They had roots there and now we were giving them wings.

We downsized.

While we were waiting for a similar condo to come available in Oakville, ON, we adjusted to life in Canada.  The kids signed up for tennis and swimming and schools. Things were uncertain but we carried on. Life in the condo was different, but we coped.  During that time, we built a custom home.

Six months after moving into our new home, my husband suffered a stroke which left him disabled. The illness turned our lives upside down.   This followed a difficult but rewarding few years of caring for him and the kids. We upgraded our home to include grab bars, wider doorways, etc. All while working full-time in real estate.

We downsized again.

Illness and death make us realize what’s important in life.  We learn what we are capable of and the strength that lies inside of us. The entire process and situation developed me into what I’ve become today. It made me a better person, a better mother, and a better realtor.

I developed tenacity, courage, and compassion. These traits allow me to help clients make choices to move them forward.  I am now the owner of my Brokerage and have the pleasure of doing what I love every day.

Helping families is what’s important to me.  It’s personal. I know this firsthand, a space that’s not suited for your medical issues is stressful. A too large or too pricey home causes anxiety. You and your family deserve a home where you feel safe and in charge of your lives.

What is your business and when did you start?

Homeandkeys Brokerage helps downsize Oakville families into a lifestyle they crave using The Next Phase Method! We started this business in 2011.

What inspired you to start your business?

I started this business because I am a five-time downsizer, and I felt that I could help families based on my own experience as a downsizer.

What were the challenges in the initial stages of your business and how did you overcome them?

The major challenge was marketing the niche to downsizing families.  I overcame this issue by hiring a coach.

What motivates you about your business?

What motivates me is the help that families need through the process of downsizing.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

Never give up!

Interesting fact most of the people do not know about you?

I was born in the Caribbean! 

The best business advice I ever received was …

To not take people’s issues | or problems and make them mine. This way I can be strong to help them through the process.

My definition of success is …

To be happy doing what you do every day!

If I could go back in time when I started my business, I would tell myself to …

To hire a coach earlier in the business process.

Three books I recommend for entrepreneurs are ….

“The Master Key System” by Charles Hannel

“The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey

“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

My personal tagline is … 

Helping Oakville families downsize into a lifestyle they crave.

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