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Who is Almerinda Amaral, could you please introduce yourself?

I am a HeartCentred Coach. I live in Oakville, Ontario with my family. I work with clients who are going through major changes in their life. I worked in corporate for over 30+ years in human rights, so my expertise is in resolving conflict, and moving forward with peace and unconditional love.

What is your business and when did you start?

I launched HeartQuest in May 2018. My services include HeartCentred Coaching, ThetaHealing, Mindfulness, and Mediation. I am also a practitioner in Soul Contract, Divine Healing, and BreathWork. All these modalities provide emotional and spiritual support, and  empower  my clients  on their journey forward, while also  elevating their awareness on how to fully embrace their life.

What inspired you to start your business?

I was guided to start my business through my own divorce journey. Years after my very acrimonious and litigious divorce in 2004, I learned that this emotional and very painful part of my life, was the greatest challenge I had ever faced. However, it was by going into the depths of my own pain and emotions that I healed and eventually transmuted my pain. I had lost everything in my life, including both my daughters. My divorce forced my vulnerability. It was through this emotional state that I was transformed through the power of unconditional love, for self. I now support my clients to open their hearts, so they too can discover who they really are.

What were the challenges in the initial stages of your business and how did you overcome them?

Naming my business was one of the biggest challenges. This took me a few months. I wanted a certain energy so I engaged with my business coach, who was trained in Soul Contract, to optimize the energies of my business name. Everything is energy so I wanted my name to be all about love. In Soul Contract energies, the decoding of my business name “HeartQuest” is energetically  about trust and grounding our emotions so that we can come together in a space of unconditional love.

What motivates you about your business?

I love what I do, especially providing Soul Contract Readings and Divine Healing. I feel when a person has an awareness of their life purpose (Soul Contract) and can also heal subconscious beliefs and programs from many lifetimes (Divine Healing), they experience deeper compassion for themselves. Both these modalities motivate me immensely because clients experience great epiphanies and a greater understanding of who they are. They ultimately acquire a greater capacity for love and compassion not only for themselves, but for everyone else around them. I equally learn and heal with every client that I engage with.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

Trust in yourself. Everyone has their own gifts to share with the world. Even if two businesses provide the exact same services, the client will experience the services differently. There is no competition because we are all unique. There is just love.

Interesting fact most of the people do not know about you?

In 2019, I became a published author when my chapter entitled:  “Your Inner Voice Has a Purpose” was published in the book: “365 Empowering Stories”. It is available for purchase on Amazon.

The best business advice I ever received was…

Trust in the power of spirit connection (and don’t worry about getting clients and growing your business).  What I mean by this is that for me, I do not worry about canvassing clients; those clients who are meant to work with me, will be energetically sent to me, in divine timing.

My definition of success is…

Living in integrity and self-love.

If I could go back in time when I started my business, I would tell myself to…

Don’t be afraid to shine. Especially as women, we have been raised to be humble and to “take a back seat”. It’s so important to praise yourself, non egotistically. Love for thyself, first and foremost.

Three books I recommend for entrepreneurs are…

The first two are my favourites and are mostly for spiritual entrepreneurs: 

The 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva by Dr. David Tuffley & The Unthethered Soul by Michael Singer

Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway by Dr. Susan Jeffers

Non Violent Communication: A Language of Life by Dr. Michael Rosenberg

The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford

My personal tagline is…

A Journey Through Grace, Faith & Self-Love

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