Almerinda Amaral lives in Oakville with her family. Her divorce forced her vulnerability. It was through this emotional state that she was transformed through the power of unconditional love, for self. She now supports her clients to open their hearts so they too can discover who they really are.

No matter what you’ve been through in your life or what you may feel you are stuck in, there is a way out. The solutions are always found deep within your heart. HeartQuest is taking that courageous journey to listen to and follow your heart.

Almerinda provides Soul Contract Readings; Divine Healing; ThetaHealing. She is also a certified Mindfulness Practitioner, BreathWork Practitioner, and Mediator. She retired in 2017 from a very rewarding 30+ corporate career in Human Rights.

Almerinda is also published author having published a chapter in the book “365 Empowering Stories”.