Oakville Reiki and Animal Reiki offers traditional Japanese Reiki therapy to balance and restore energy to help one’s wellness journey. It provides customized treatments based on your needs, and can integrate canine massage, aromatherapy and expertise in music for holistic therapy.

Energy practitioner offering different methods tailored to your unique needs, whether you are new to energy or not, I would love to connect and see if this work is right for you.

Whether you are coming in for a relaxing Reiki or other energy work, Brenda welcomes you to add energy work to your current lifestyle and experience the benefits firsthand.

So Brilliant offers Unity Field Healing, Bioenergetic Emotional Access Method (BEAM™ Therapy), Reiki, Newly emerging energy psychology methods, coaching, and self-help techniques.

Working with all age groups and demographics, she has an intuitive sense and natural ability to communicate and answer clients’ questions or concerns and hold high regard for establishing an honest, working relationship before each session.

Brenda lives in Oakville, Ontario; she offers sessions both in-person and by video conferencing/remote. She offers a 30-minute free phone/video conference consultation for new clients.

I believe energy is at the centre of everything. Bringing awareness to your energy allows you to release what no longer serves you – in turn, living with more ease and calm within. 

As a meditation teacher, yoga instructor, reiki master, and spiritual life coach, I am deeply passionate about helping you align and elevate your energy level. My purpose is to guide you towards peace while empowering you to discover your inner strength.

It’s time to come back to you.

(*Please note that all yoga & meditation classes, along with individual & group coaching programs, are currently being offered online.)

Cecilia Coaching provides guidance and assistance to allow ourselves to find our purpose, what makes us smile every day and rediscover our power to create the life we long for. As a Relationship System Coach, Cecilia Coaching opens us up to be more aware of our impact and become more conscious of how we relate to ourselves, to others and beyond. Using Hypnosis, Cecilia Coaching allows us to resolve issues and change Life Patterns that might go beyond the current lifetime.

A certified Co-active Professional Coach CPCC, Accredited ACC with the International Coaching Federation with more than 500 hours of coaching, Certified Hypnotist, member of the National Guild of Hypnotist, trained in Organization Relationship System Coaching ORSC, Neuroscience of Change, Co-active Leadership, Past Life Exploration and Life between Lives Hypnosis. Reiki Master II.

Sessions available online, or in-person – location TBD with each client.

Coaching sessions are also available in Spanish and Japanese.