At Shelf Care Organizing we are dedicated to bringing together beautiful home organization and efficiency to everyday spaces, affording you the luxury of time better spent on you and the people/things you love.

H:OM ORGANIZING provides in-home and virtual organizing and decluttering services to Oakville and the GTA. We implement functional and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions, creating space and purpose to each room in the home. We stand for quality of life and well-being and we believe that organizing is a pillar to your optimal health and wellness. Our organizing philosophy is; the space around you reflects your inner spiritual space.

Our mission is to help you set up your environment so it supports your own personal success and has a positive impact on your emotional and physical health, energy levels, self-esteem and relationships. We believe living in a clutter-free space will bring peace and clarity to other aspects of life outside of the home. H:OM ORGANIZING helps clients find the OM in their HOME and Life!