Oakville Kids Physio is a private pediatric physiotherapy clinic! We see kids of all ages and abilities from 0-18 years old.  Some common conditions that we see may include the following; a baby with concerns around head shape and/or a preference to look one direction, a toddler with delayed motor milestones, a child with cerebral palsy, a young soccer player recovering from an injury, or a school-aged child having difficulty keeping up with their peers on the playground.
Our space has been designed for kids, with equipment that is just the right size and a team of pediatric physiotherapists who are trained specifically to work with kids.  Kids are working hard towards their physical goals while most importantly having the most FUN!

Grace & Ivy guides expecting parents through childbirth, how to care for baby as well as how to take care of yourself (mama) from a real life perspective.  Allowing them to be empowered to trust their intuition when it comes to the birth & baby.  Also, tapping into their intuition of what mom and dad need to do for themselves as they venture through their new journey.

After baby arrives Grace & Ivy offers mom and baby classes.  These classes give mom the opportunity to get out of the house, be around other moms who are on their own journey of motherhood.  Moms will connect with each other on so many different levels.  Through conversations they will experience beautiful ah-ah moments and connect on the hard ones too.  Classes offer the opportunity to find the village at they are longing for.

We also offer classes just for moms.  Mindfulness & Self Compassion Meditations as well as Yoga for all Mama’s.  An opportunity to come together in the evening and just take care of Mama for an hour.   When you leave the classes you will feel grounded, taken care of and relaxed for an amazing sleep.