Harmonic Egg Mississauga is a light and sound therapy center. Harmonic Egg chamber, shaped like an egg, utilizes sacred geometry, light, color, and sound frequencies to empower the body’s own healing energy.

Tap into the healing power of meditation. In a calm and  zen inspired environment.

ZaZen is a meditation and self-care studio, dedicated to Mindfulness, Ayurveda and Holistic Care, Workshops for emotional regulation and mental wellness. In person or virtually, ZaZen’s professional team will guide you through guided and non-guided group meditation modalities such us, meditation based-stress reduction, sound, loving kindness, meditation essentials, nidra and breath work. Each session is unique with specific intentions aimed to increase physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Ayurveda Care & Energy Therapy 1:1 sessions are also available.

“Real calm lies within”

Spiritual life coaching is holding a sacred space for you to uncover your truth. Understanding that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, the coaching process explores what blocks exists in our minds to allow our soul to be more fully expressed and take lead.  Life is a gift and the journey along our lifetime can be explored through creativity, curiosity and compassion. Using spiritual life coaching, hypnosis, and mindfulness based stress reduction certification trainings,  my role is to help an individual unfold their soul’s gift to give.  I believe that within every individual is an origin of beauty, truth and goodness.   My services include one-on-one coaching where I focus on the soul essence of the client and take them on a journey of introspection.  I also run a SOUL SCHOOL which are small group classes where we learn and discuss soul related topics with story sharings, music and meditation.  Lastly, I co-facilitate with two other coaches,  LIFE CHATS – a 7 session series that takes participants along the 7 stages of Life.  My professional background where I continue to practice is in a pediatric intensive care unit as a pharmacist where I specialize in pain and sedation matters within a multi-disciplinary team to bring another perspective to health and illness.