With her team, Najia takes care of your entire financial well-being by providing you comprehensive wealth management, i.e. financial planning, retirement, tax planning, wills & power of attorney reviews, estate planning, trusts, executor services, banking, insurance, and investments.

Eleven Real Estate Group

The number eleven emits an energy of intuition and teamwork with the perfect balance of stability and growth. The team that intends to be represented by the number eleven is highly capable when focused on achieving a specific goal.

This team of skilled agents have come together to bring you a family of passionate and experienced professionals that seek to help a person or family find the home of their dreams. No cliches here, we all love what we do and strive to make the process of buying and selling a home as smooth and stress-free as possible.
We are in this business for you.


CorrWealth is here to guide you to a more financially secure way of life, the holistic way.
We focus our tools and resources on cultivating sustainable habits, eliminating unnecessary loss and risk and empowering a growth mindset. While our office is in Oakville, Ontario, we strive to educate and uplift communities around the world. One by one, we will work together to eliminate the financial stressors in your life. We lead with education and as your partner, we are here to help you understand “the why” of your financial challenges and “the how” when it comes to making an informed decision and fixing it.