We are a children’s book company that embraces spirituality and is embodied by supporting teachers, educators, parents and visionaries.

We truly believe that every child is special and has a uniqueness to them that needs to be celebrated, nurtured and cherished.

Our goal through our educational platform is to empower, motivate and support this new, beautiful energy that’s coming into the world, through products that provide information that not only resonate with our readers, but transmits wisdom and knowledge.

We are dedicated to bringing relevant information to our readers and encourage them to live from a place of true essence and authenticity.

Comprehensive and compassionate psychotherapy services for individuals, children, teens, families and couples.

Quality curriculum and programming coupled with caring & qualified tutors leads to success, both inside and outside the classroom. The world is evolving more quickly than ever before. From technological advances to innovations in every industry, students need more than a few “kill and drill” worksheets and someone knowledgeable in a subject in order to succeed in today’s fast-paced world. It takes thoughtful, attentive tutors who are able to deliver stimulating lessons through comprehensive, well-designed curriculum that bolsters your child’s weaknesses while maximizing their strengths.

From Pre-Kindergarten through to secondary school, we can meet your needs for multi-faceted, exceptional learning programs. Programs may offer additional support or enrichment. We are also open to working with a variety of special needs populations.

Cameron S. Matthews is a children’s book author from Burlington, who writes short stories that include heroes, adventures and relatable family issues. Her books are written for girls and boys of the ages 4-12. Cameron’s stories are heartwarming and moral-based. Some of her reads are perfect for reading aloud.

All of Cameron S. Matthews’ books can be found on Amazon Kindle, as well as on Smashwords, in ebook format. Four titles can be purchased in paperback.

TipToe Music is licensed to teach the Music Together programme through Music Together LLC,  and provides early childhood music education for families across Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga.
Our classes build on your child’s natural enthusiasm for music and movement, and our teachers are trained to help families learn together and have fun all at the same time.
Family Music Classes available for Babies & New Parents (under 8 months), Mixed Ages (birth-5 years), Rhythm Kids (5-8 years).  Specialised In-school programming (daycares, child care centres and kindergartens) and Party & event programming is also available.
TipToe Music also supports community organisations in the local area with their PA Day Donation Programme, Community Charity Events, and outreach class programming is available.
COVID-19 NOTICE: Classes are currently held ONLINE (available to customers worldwide) or OUTSIDE (Oakville only, limited availability, Public Health recommendations in place) until further notice
Please contact E-J with requests, to register interest or for further information.