Condo Moms specializes in pre-construction and new home developments for Moms and other investors . Everyone’s success is our business. Women empowering women. We help them with the real estate portfolio and property management.  Our motive is to help moms understand the real estate investments and how they can invest in new condos and homes. We help them with assignment sales that is major part of real estate investments nowadays. We give them first access to the biggest pre-construction projects in the GTA.

Personal wellness counsel and coaching to empower you and help guide your life path in this new age and in our new pandemic-affected lives.

Empower yourself, increase your awareness of the world around you, become your best self to support your family, work and social lives, mental and emotional wellness, and spiritual connections.

Develop a deeper and more meaningful personal health and wellness practice through customized strategies based on your life experiences, stresses, relationships and motivations, using the unique modalities of BioSymBiology, BioEnergyTherapy and KarmicDNA.


At SimplySmart we have created beautiful and spacious facilities, that are carefully designed to keep a child’s needs in mind.

Our goal is to provide a safe, interactive, meaningful and pleasant learning environment for your child. Our focus is on the holistic development of a child, in all aspects of physical, emotional and social growth. SimplySmart values honesty, respect, gratitude, generosity, determination, compassion and responsibility.

SimplySmart offers parents a choice between Emergent and Montessori curriculum. Parents can choose what is best suited for their child within the same facility.

We offer a comprehensive curriculum, nutritious meals and a wide variety of programs for children from infancy to kindergarten. The Emergent program believes strongly in a student-centred approach that encourages creativity and curiosity. The Montessori Program is a child-centred educational approach as well, based on scientific observations of children. It follows the curriculum developed by Maria Montessori. Both philosophies encourage creativity and curiosity and lead children to ask questions, explore, investigate and think for themselves as they acquire skills.

Elena Petrescu – Transformational hypnotist

“I will help you remove self-imposed limitations, show you how to be kind to yourself, how to be good to yourself, and always be in the present moment.”

Elena is known for her innovative training and down-to-earth approach that quickly helps to transition people from situations of difficulty towards genuine empowerment. With over fifteen years of financial industry experience and powerful hypnosis programming training, she has helped hundreds of individuals overcome challenges and achieve results.
Elena works with individuals from all walks of life to provide the best resources and proven techniques that give you a complete start to finish success system to implement immediately. From entrepreneurs and top-level CEOs to parents and professionals, you get the practical tools and comprehensive system to achieve results. Her system is designed to remove limiting beliefs, overcome deeply engrained fears, communicate and build rapport with others – and ultimately unleash your raw potential so you can lead a happier and more fulfilled life.

Alpha’s Discovery Kids Preschool and Daycare is dedicated to providing children 12 months to 5 years with an exceptional program to develop the whole child through an emergent, inquiry-based curriculum to achieve academic success. We aim to provide warm consistent care to teach and nurture children in a loving, respectful manner. Our goal is to give each child the best start in life by providing quality education and a positive learning environment to spark children’s natural curiosity, exploration and inquiry.