Turkish Voice of Canada is a news & information platform of Canada in Turkish language.

It’s founder, Irep Cakir is a well-recognized and award-winning journalist, a war correspondent, a TV host, a TV show and documentary producer with over 25 years of experience. A storyteller who has been all around the world witnessing and reporting wars, human rights abuses, natural disasters, and life & education standards in underprivileged regions for national and international media outlets. An enthusiastic communicator with in-depth knowledge of the world’s socio-political, economic, cultural, and environmental landscape, possessing excellent professional skills combined with innovative thinking, analytic and editorial judgment for journalism, media, and communications. A public speaker focusing on; working as a war correspondent, being a woman reporter in oriental societies, and improving the rights of children for education. A strategic thinker, a creative social responsibility project designer, a dedicated advocate for a better future for those who are less privileged in this world, and a warrior soul for planet earth’s survival. Speaks and reports in Turkish, English, and French, also familiar with various European languages.

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